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Planting, cultivation:

    Wonder Hedge should be planted when dormant between October/November (after the first frosts) and April/May (before Spring/Summer).
If you do not have time to plant all plants during the autumn planting time, you can simply pit them away in groups»

Planting suggestions :
in one row with 20 cm spaces between them:  

or get a prettier, more copious hedge with a double row planting where
   double hedge row is formed by 8-9 plants per meter .
Since one of its planting times is the period after the first frosts it is worth to dig the planting holes in advance before the gound is too hard (with depth and width of about 30-40 cm). When planting in the Spring, no adanced preparation is needed but the same planting hole specifications should be followed.
1. Soak roots of the plant in water 24 hours prior to planting.  
    2. Mix in compost to the removed soil and add sand to heavy soils containing clay  
3. . Place the plant into the hole, scatter the soil mix onto the roots, and tread it gently until hard ensuring plants are in an upright position.

Tip: To increase the rate of growth, place a stripe of black plastic under the plants ( directly on the ground), which will prevent weeds overgrowing and to keep the soil moist.
    In the Spring we cut them back 10-15 cm above ground level, in order to encourage branching out.
With regular irrigation the plant will grow at a fast rate. During Summer, long sprouts should be cut back to half their length, and in Autumn this should be repeated at least once more. An addtional pruning can be done at the end of the growing season if required.
In the first year do not let Wonder Hedge grow higher than 1-1,5 m (in order to create a thicker Wonder Hedge)
In the Spring of the second year let them grow up to 2 meters which will happen very quickly and at the end of that Spring cut them into your desriable shape.

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